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Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Traders, Wholesalers, Retailers, Buyers and Sellers across Africa, Asia and beyond. - The world's largest Online Marketplace - Azumazu.com

About Azumazu

Azumazu.com is an online marketplace deployed to bring buyers and sellers of products and services together on a common platform. An easy to use solution with quality features to sell your business to any prospective customers across the globe. Azumazu presents various features modeled to fit any type of business, easy-to-use and gives sellers opportunity to sell a bulk of different products and services making it easier for your target customers to reach you on the fly. www.azumazu.com is location independent, meaning anyone can sell and have opportunity to buy your products and services from anywhere.


To sell your business to millions of internet users and businesses by bringing the global market right to your doorstep presenting you an opportunity to explore the global market through a one-of-a-kind service delivery.

Company Overview

Azumazu.com is an online solution deployed to bring buyers and sellers of products and services on a common platform. We bring your business brand to the fore and showcase your products and services across Africa and beyond. A subsidiary of Cosmichub Africa, a young, vision-driven IT business based in Lagos Nigeria with partners in East and Southern Africa with clientele across various countries around the globe.

The founders have a sole vision of using information technology platform to bring the much needed change in Africa and the world in general by contributing their quota to making life easier to millions of internet users presenting them a window of opportunity to network and sell their businesses with ease.



Featured Products

These are specials on Azumazu.

Product Image

Aluminium Composite Cladding Panels

$ 53.13

Product Image

13A Wall Switch

$ 13.33

Product Image

Brand New Hp Laptop G6. I3 2.4ghz 4gb RAM 500gb Hardisk

$ 529.41

Product Image


$ 0.94

Product Image

Noodles With Catfish

$ 4.06

Product Image


$ 900

Product Image

Citadel Cream Crackers

$ 83.33

Product Image

3.5 KW Solar Installation

$ 8,125

Product Image

Pnuematic Valve Actuators

$ 36.89

Product Image

Model's Make Up

$ 0

Product Image

Honda Fit

$ 8,235.29

Product Image

Silver Shoe

$ 61.25


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