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Help - Your Account

Registering on azumazu is free you can register as a buyer here or a seller here.
You will need to provide the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Email Address
  • Phone number (Optional)
  • Country
  • Username
  • Password

Activate Account

Once your have clicked the register button, you should check your email for the confirmation link which will enable you to start conducting business on azumazu


After you have successfully updated your account, you should visit your profile and from this section you can manipulate your account and make several changes. The sections under your profile include:

1. Me

This shows your details as you entered them during the registration process

2. My Products

Shows the products you as the seller has uploaded previously

3. Edit Profile

From this section you can make changes to profile such as adding a profile picture, add the main products you are interested in selling among other things involved with your profile

4. Add Products

The products up for sale are added from this section

5. Add Company

You can create a company and have the advantage of uploading upto 5 main products

6. Messages

This serves as a your mail box from which you can send and receive messages from other azumazu marketplace users

Featured Products

These are specials on Azumazu.

Product Image

Kiddies Elastic Hairband

$ 3.13

Product Image

Etibo Set

$ 93.75

Product Image

Ladies Corporate Wears +23480371175620

$ 46.88

Product Image


$ 1,562.5

Product Image

Dress Shoe

$ 36.47

Product Image


$ 28.13

Product Image


$ 618.75


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